About Us

RBL.ai is a joint venture between the RBL Group and CorpU to create an Organization Guidance System (OGS) that business and HR leaders use to improve business results. An Organization Guidance System is a bold ambition. It combines and moves beyond scorecards that report what has happened, dashboards that offer current information, and predictive analytics that show what might happen. It is an integrated guidance system offering precise navigation for more effective outcomes.

The RBL Group

The RBL Group is on the forefront of leadership, talent, HR and organization capability transformation. We begin and end with a focus on customers, employees, and investors to create solutions that yield long-term impact.

Specifically, we help organizations:

  • Transform people and organization investments to impact business outcomes
  • Generate new levels of leadership impact
  • Ensure strategy implementation results in a sleek, purposeful, outcome driven system

Strategic HR

RBL knows from its empirical research and consulting work that HR has the potential to be a strategic business partner that improves efficiency and strategic impact. RBL specializes in expanding HR vision and focusing HR practice so the function becomes not only a way to manage regulatory requirements but also to increase investor, customer and employee confidence in the future.

Leadership & Talent

When leveraged correctly, leadership capability is greater than even awesome individual leaders. RBL understands that great leaders infuse a culture and brand to their leadership efforts that exist even when leaders aren’t present. Through its workshops and consulting, RBL invigorates leaders, helping them to transform their personal and organizational leadership practices that hold back the organization from reaching its peak potential.

Organization Capabilities

Organizations achieve distinctiveness by delivering consistent value every time employees interact with a customer. Singapore Airlines delivers customer connectivity; Apple delivers innovation; WalMart ensures everyday value through efficiencies. Achieving reputational distinctiveness doesn’t just happen—it’s manufactured piece by transformational piece. These cultural capabilities are the outcome of carefully integrating organization design, skills, technology and processes. RBL’s organizational design practice and strategic envisioning consulting have proven to be the necessary element to lift organizations to their truest and most effective forms.

Dave and Norm

The RBL Group began with a dynamic duo, Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood, two of the most well-respected minds in the fields of organizational leadership development and HR practice. Their mission—to change the way HR approached its responsibilities within organizations and to ensure that the foundation upon which leadership was built wasn’t full of cracks. The key to their success, focus on results. Quickly, they assembled a great team of thinkers, consultants, analysts, and researchers that could expand this vision and expertise. Now, over 20 years later, The RBL Group continues to expand minds and practice through meaningful workshops and interactions with clients large and small throughout the world.

Grounded in Research

While the “R” in RBL stands for “Results,” it could also very well represent “Research.” The threads of data gathering and experimentation that were woven together to create the RBL Group have since been combined to create a rich tapestry of innovative thinking about HR and leadership. Dave Ulrich, one of HR Magazines top 50 thinkers and the creator of the Human Resource Competency Study, keep HR professionals throughout the world current with the core competencies successful HR revolves around. Norm and the others work to translate the research into practical applications. Research and solutions help leaders solve their most challenging issues.

Shaping the Future of HR


CorpU’s Organizational Learning System combines cloud-based technology, unique development methods and workforce analytics to unlock the collective genius in leadership teams and accelerate the speed of business. Leadership teams collaborate on CorpU and engage with our network of world-class experts from Harvard, MIT, and Wharton to transform global companies like Coca-Cola, Aetna, Merck and Staples.

Building the Fastest Path to Your Business Results

Over four million professionals worldwide rely on our technology platform to unlock the collective genius of teams, solve complex challenges, implement new strategies, and produce quantifiable business results.

Our Technology

Our technology platform is social, mobile, cloud-based and secure. With it, we create purpose-built, business-oriented social networks of leaders who can convene from wherever they are on their own schedules in a totally secure environment.

Our Content

We fuel that technology with some of the best minds in the world on the most pressing leadership development needs of our time: David Pottruck of Wharton on Change. Dave Ulrich of Michigan on High Performing Teams. Vasant Dhar of NYU on Data. Lawrence Susskind of MIT on Negotiations. And we’re adding more and more all the time.

Our Analytics

With analytics rooted in natural language processing and econometrics, you can learn things about your leader’s knowledge, beliefs and feelings you haven’t been able to do date, assess the impact of learning interventions in new ways, track (and drive) leader behavior changes over time, and predict how your business might be affected.