Dave Ulrich, partner at the RBL Group and co-founder of the Organization Guidance System explains how guidance system recommendations show you where to focus time and money to impact the business outcomes that matter most to you.

Be Part of the Greatest HR Disruption in More than 50 Years.

The Organization Guidance System (OGS) supercharges returns on talent and organization investments.

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Where Should You Invest?

You are flooded with possibilities. How do you decide where to put time and resources to drive the greatest impact on 5 business outcomes: Employee, Strategy, Customer, Financial, Social Responsibility.

OGS Shows the Investments You Should Make to Achieve the Highest Returns

Green Means Go, Red Means No: Based on analysis of your current business performance, OGS uses proprietary algorithms to identify the initiatives that will have the biggest impact on your business outcomes - the initiatives represented by large green slices on the pie chart. Smaller slices show initiatives that you must continue but additional investment will have little or no impact on business outcomes.

Complete Assessment Now to Get a Free OGS Report
Example OGS Pie Chart

Shaping the Future: Victor Agruso, SVP Organization Effectiveness, says his Trinity Health HR team used OGS to prioritize their initiatives and allocate company resources.

HR Executives Praise OGS

"Thank you Dave Ulrich for yet another groundbreaking tool for organizations and leaders to navigate the ever-increasing chaos and volatility."
Head of Training and Development, South Asia

"Wonderful insights Dave in making a difference."
LinkedIn Top 50 Influencer

"Such a rich synthesis of what matters most... now!"
Global VP, Human Resources

"Dave, this is truly breakthrough thinking that will be the future of organizations."
Venture Capital Partner

"Dave Ulrich this Organizational guidance system is indeed a missile guiding scheme."
Vice President Employee Experience

Complete Assessment Now to Get a Free OGS Report

The 4 OGS Assessments


What should we do to ensure the right individual competence, workforce, or people to create value for stakeholders?


What should we do to ensure the quality of leadership that makes a difference to all stakeholders?


What should we do to have the right organizational capability, workplace, or process to create value for all stakeholders?

Human Resources

What should we do to use human resources to make a difference to all stakeholders?

Why OGS is Disrupting the Human Capital Industry

Listen to a recent podcast conducted with RBL Group co-founder Norm Smallwood who explains the science behind OGS and how it works.

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A Disruptive Solution Based on Decades of Science

OGS helps you evaluate the four pathways shown above. OGS leverages 30 years of research by Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallwood and their colleagues at RBL. The table below shows depth of the research conducted on each pathway.

Pathway Number of Responses Collected Number of Organization Transformations Number of Books Published
Human Resources 120,000 >200 12
Leadership 30,000 100+ 10
Organization Capabilities 1,200 100+ 10
Talent 450 100+ 3
Agile Talent Book
Leadership Brand Book
Leadership Capital Index Book
Leadership Code Index Book
Organizational Capability Book
Why Work Book
Reinventing the Organization Book
Results Based Leadership Book
Talent Accelerator Book
The Change Champion's Field Guide Book
Victory Through Organization Book
Why the Bottom Line Isn't Book

OGS Step-by-Step

You use OGS by completing 1, 2, 3 or all 4 assessments (Leadership Brand, Talent, Organization Capability and HR Effectiveness), and inviting other business, functional and HR leaders to also rate. (It’s a bit like 360-degree evaluation of your human capital practices.)

Once assessments are completed, OGS generates custom recommendations to show the initiatives in which you should invest to have the greatest impact on your business. You then define your initiatives and how you will measure success. And all of that is FREE.

Recruit 20 or more HR, business and functional leaders to complete 1 to 4 pathway assessments

OGS proprietary algorithm generates report for your company displaying "custom" guidance to show where you should invest to impact business outcomes

Your team begins to identify initiatives to drive improvements based on OGS recommendations and metrics (KPIs) that will track impact of your initiatives over time

RBL.ai team generates a strategy map to show casual relationships between leading and lagging indicators. Initiatives are loaded into the Initiative Tracker and measures populate the Metrics Dashboard

Your team launches and manages its improvement initiatives. OGS sends requests to those responsible for your initiative and metrics to capture periodic updates - or collects business outcome data using APIs. OGS subscribers who need help designing initiatives use impact accelerators and RBL research.

Subscribers meet to discuss initiatives and OGS analysis continues to hone predictions to show which initiatives have the greatest impact on business outcomes.

OGS Certification

Learn About Premium Membership and OGS Certification

If you want to go further, you can become a premium member and earn an OGS certification. Complete learning programs, use tools, participate in mini forums and attend expert sessions to develop and align improvement initiatives to OGS recommendations.

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