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The Guidance System for Organization Effectiveness

Join business leaders and HR professionals in discovering a new path to sustained business results through organizational performance.

Take one of four free assessments to discover your strengths.

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Business leaders and HR teams face new challenges to get the best from their people, leadership teams and organization capabilities. The Guidance System for Organization Effectiveness shows where you stand today, and then illustrates a personalized path – led by experts – to help you release the full potential within your company.

Join us in creating the ultimate path to success

The Four Key Components

Your journey to Organization Effectiveness starts by understanding your current performance in each of the four key components. You can make a tangible impact on your business by improving any one of them. Choose the assessment for the area you would like to focus on:

Leadership Brand


Organization Capability

HR Effectiveness

Leadership Brand

You’ve made a strong business case for investing in leadership talent and have developed a reputation for building great leadership teams.



The Guidance System for Organization Effectiveness Answers These Questions

  • What is the best way to build on our strengths?
  • Where are we missing opportunities to create value?
  • What area should we improve first?
  • What are the innovative approaches to improvement?

Insight & Action

Get real-time actionable insights and guidance for each step on your personalized journey to Organization Effectiveness

  • Results-Focused
  • Comprehensive
  • Evidence-Based
  • Transformational


Use the Guidance System to follow a prescribed journey with tools, webinars, virtual workshops, courses and coaching that can help you strengthen each component.

  • Recommended Readings
  • Templates
  • Courses
  • Virtual Workshops
  • Downloadable Tools
  • Peer-Reviewed Practices

Journey Forward with Experts and Peers

Reduce the risks in a transformational change effort by working with experts at your side, validated tools and a feedback from a community of your peers.

  • Use a new agile approach for redesigning processes and programs
  • Discover, apply, and share successful practices with peers
  • Follow a path that’s tailored to your needs, time and team
  • Track your progress over time